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Then you should look into our Triple Threat Bootcamp classes in Miami, FL

Are you ready to step up your workout routine? Then sign up for CrossFit Wynwood's Triple Threat Bootcamp classes. These intense, 1-hour workouts will strengthen your core muscles, enhance your endurance and stamina, increase your speed and improve your coordination, balance and agility.

Visit our workout center in Miami, Florida today to start Triple Threat Bootcamp classes.

Want to work on your strength training? We offer Olympic weightlifting classes on Thursdays.

Try yoga for CrossFit recovery days

Try yoga for CrossFit recovery days

Looking for a mild workout for your off days? CrossFit Wynwood offers yoga for CrossFit recovery at our Miami, FL location. Yoga will support your CrossFit training by:

  • Improving body alignment
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Enhancing strength development

It's also a great way to help manage stress in your daily life. Beginners and advanced students will practice basic poses, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Call 305-741-0730 now to learn about our yoga for CrossFit recovery schedule.